Palazzo Zucco (formerly Persenda)

Just beyond the Oria Gate stands Palazzo Zucco, belonging to the Historic Buildings and Environment Agency of the Provinces of Venice, Padua, Belluno and Treviso. The building has been recently restored to its original state. It is the typical home of a merchant family, with workshops and storerooms on the ground floor and the living spaces above.

Built on the site of a previous gothic structure after the destruction of 1509 – 1510, it has a tall, narrow façade with stone arches and refined frescos. Two friezes, indicating the levels of the floors, include antiquarian medallions, alternating with floral motifs, eagles and cornucopia on a blue background. On the first and second floors, enclosed within false architectural features, are a Madonna and Child and a Holy Warrior on Horseback. Inside there are beautiful paintings of imitation tapestries, grotesques and landscapes.



Facciata generale
Affresco con Santo guerriero a cavallo