Civic Museum

The Civic Museum, in the sixteenth-century Villabruna palace, with the collection of furniture, ceramics and furnishings, reminds the atmosphere of a patrician residence of the past. The archaeological section preserves stone artefacts and inscriptions from the Iron Age, the Roman period and medieval and Renaissance architectural elements. Worthy of note is the collection of wooden sculptures, from the polychrome ones of XVI-XVII centuries to the model of the fountain by Valentino Panciera Besarel (1863).

There is also the mantle of Charles IV donated, according to tradition, from the emperor to the Santuario di San Vittore (Saint Victor's Shrine), and the art gallery that includes masterpieces of Venetian art. Among the artists: Gentile Bellini, Giambattista Cima da Conegliano, Jacopo Palma il Giovane, Pietro Liberi, Gregorio Lazzarini and Pietro della Vecchia.

Via Lorenzo Luzzo, 23


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