Feltre, the painted city

Feltre owes the epithet “urbs picta”, painted city, to the wealth of palazzi in the centro storico with superbly decorated façades.

After the destruction of 1509 – 1510, the desire to rebuild and reaffirm the identity of the town led to the creation of many buildings which united Nordic tastes and Venetian influences. The creative talents of many artists including Lorenzo Luzzo, Pietro de' Marascalchi, Andrea Nasocchio, Giovanni and Marco da Mel were exploited for both interiors and exteriors.

A stroll through the centro storico is like a visit to an open air museum as we admire the facades of the various palazzi: Crico-Tauro, Salce-Aldovini–Mezzanotte, Cantoni, Muffoni, de Mezzan, Bizzarini, Persenda-Zucco and Bellati.


Palazzo Muffoni
Palazzo Adovini Mezzanotte
 Palazzo Ciro Tauro