Fields and pastures

The scenery of the hills and foothills of the Valbelluna and Feltre area often offers harmonious scenes of rural life where time has stood still. The vast area at the foot of the mountains and its fortunate orientation have led to a variety of different set- tlements, some even dating back to ancient times, occupying spaces and terraces that are blessed by the sun. The mountains are easy to reach, thanks in part to the numerous, deep cuts in the landscape, caused by the uninterrupted action of magnificent mountain streams such as the Stien and the Caorame. Subsistence farming and rearing of animals on the one hand, and the organisation of the estates on the other, dictated the history of these places, leaving marks which are still visible today. Each place has its own distinctive character, reflected in the large open spaces and the particular angle of the light when it plays on the land in the different days and seasons.
Due to the typical farming methods practised in the area, the landscape is dotted with plots of land where fruit, vegetables and cereals are grown, occasional row of plants harmonious-ly interspersed by forage, roads lined with hedges and trees, meadows, terraces and woodland. This variety gives many places a highly evocative appeal, underlining the involvement of man and his relationship with the environment. Man has left many marks in nature, to the extent that they feature in it and flourish in the art inspired by these places, evidence of which can be found in the old town centre of Feltre. Here the countryside is part of the aesthetics of the landscape
Casa Rurale Feltrina
veduta Feltre