Church of the Holy Trinity

The small church is one the few buildings which survived the destruction of 1509 – 1510. It was built before 1404 by Cristoforo dal Corno, next to the Rose Tower which defended the Aurea Gate (Oria Gate). The simple façade shows faint traces of white and ochre chequerboard decoration, and the stone portal is surmounted by a bas relief of the Trinity. Inside the church there is a notable cycle of frescos. The anonymous painter of the Last Judgement on the triumphal arch shows German influences.

The two masters that painted on the bottom wall are bound up with the fresco cycle in the church of San Lorenzo dei Battuti in Serravalle: the first one depicted the Holy Trinity and the Annunciation, the second one, perhaps Andrea da Treviso, San Vittore and Santa Corona. The Deposition of Christ, the faint of the Virgin Mary and the Dormitio Virginis, on the side walls, were painted by three different artists.