Thanks to man’s labours, this land produces many fine products: beans, maize, barley, pumpkins, honey, numerous different varie- ties of fruit and vegetables. Over the past few years, vine growing
has been carefully reintroduced, reviving highly resistant age-old native grape varieties and land which was once vineyards. A large amount of uncultivated public farmland has also been given over
to allotments and the cultivation of organic produce and products in danger of genetic erosion, and assigned to anyone applying for  it as part of the project “La terra a chi la coltiva” (Giving the land to those who farm it).
As far as the local ancient milk and cheese producing tradition is concerned, there is still the odd dairy which shares its products amongst its members, not far from the leading cooperative Lattebusche. There are many opportunities to learn about and enjoy the produce of Feltre. One particular event is the Antica Fiera di San Matteo, a festival-market dating back to ancient times, which is held on the second Sunday of November every year. Visitors can find walnuts from Feltre and other traditional farm products which are grown locally.

The producers of the most popular typical products of the Feltre area have come together in consortia to safeguard quality and promote their products:

fagiolo di lamon con bacello
fagiolo gialet
FOTO SANSON STEFANO noce di feltrina