The Sanctuary of the Martyrs Vittore and Corona

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The Sanctuary of the Martyrs Vittore and Corona, situated on a rocky outcrop of Monte Miesna, dominating the village of Anzù, preserves the relics of the patron saints of the town. It was founded in 1096 by the powerful imperial feudatory Giovanni da Vidor, and in the 12th century protective fortifications were added. Its defensive role came to an end in the early 15th century when castles were demolished on the orders of the Venetian Republic. At the end of the 15th century, the Fiesolani friars of San Gerolamo built a convent next to the church.

In 1669 the Somaschi fathers took over, enlarged the convent and erected the Stations of the Cross in the wood. After its suppression by the Venetian Republic in 1767, the monastery was maintained by Franciscan friars between 1852 and 1878. The monumental flights of steps and the semicircular apse by Giuseppe Segusini date from this period. The oldest frescos in the church, those on the pillars representing St. Peter and St. Paul, date from the 12th and 13th centuries. Three cycles of 14th-century paintings in the church are ascribed respectively to the school of Giotto and to the schools of Tomaso da Modena and Vitale da Bologna. Also of note are the ark of the martyrs Vittore and Corona, a marble statue of San Vittore and a late gothic ciborium. In the cloister the lunettes contain frescos of the Miracles of San Vittore.


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